Project Description

Duffins Filled With Nutella

By popular demand our new Nutella duffins are now available online! An in store sell out, they’re just as amazing as the original!

These Duffins have been in our shop since 2011 and is one of our most beloved breakfast time treats–freshly baked every morning they’re the first to sell out everyday. Christened by our dear customers at St. Paul’s, these are an homage to the doughnuts of my youth. The recipe is also available in the “Tea with Bea” Cookbook if you wish to try them at home.

Baked doughnut muffins filled with nutella, dipped in butter and coated with sugar.


Flour, Nutmeg, Caster Sugar, Eggs, Buttermilk, Butter, Vanilla Extract, Sunflower Oil, Nutella

Does not contain nuts, but is produced in a kitchen working with nuts.