How long are our products good for after I buy them?

All of our products are freshly made with zero preservatives, so everything is best consumed the day they are purchased. However, we know it's almost impossible to eat a whole cake in one sitting (almost) so here are our suggestions:

Cupcakes: Do not refrigerate. Being a small perishable treat, they are at their best within 24 hours of purchase. Red Velvets and Carrot Cakes can go in the fridge, the rest can be kept in an air-tight plastic container kept at room temperature.

Cakes: Cakes to be held longer than a day should be refrigerated and taken out of the fridge about an hour before serving. Keep in mind home fridges condensate, so may leave condensation on some cakes.  If you have a cool room or cellar, that's a good place to keep our cakes. Hummingbird and Carrot Cakes can be refrigerated.  Cheesecakes should be refrigerated at all times.  Victoria Sponges should be eaten the same day it's purchased.  Our treats are good for up to 5 days held in nice airtight containers like cookie jars. 

Dietary Information

We use butter and cream - please enquire if you can't have dairy.

All our items contain eggs except for our Vegan Cupcakes and Marshmallows.

Only our Vegan Cupcakes are suitable for vegans.

All our products contain gluten, with the exception of those items found in the Gluten Free collection.

Some items do contain alcohol, please read the ingredient and allergy info list or enquire.

Our kitchen does work with nuts so it's very likely for our cakes to have traces, even though nuts may not be an ingredient of the cake ordered.


Can I order in store?

Of course! However, you will find it a lot faster to order online, over the phone or by email at for any special enquiries. 

What is the cut off time for online ordering?

All orders require 24 hours notice. Cut off time is 12pm, for example if you require an item for Wednesday the cut off time would be Tuesday at 12:00 noon.

I need to cancel or amend my order. How can I do this?

To cancel or amend an order, please email us at as soon as possible and we can assist you. Please note that all amendments and cancellations need a minimum of 48 hours notice and we are not able to issue any refunds in any shorter notice.

I have noticed an error in my order confirmation. What can I do?

If your order confirmation has an error, please give us a call at 0207 242 8330 or alternatively email us at

I haven’t received my confirmation email. What can I do?

Sometimes emails go awry and end up in your spam folder. Please check your spam folder and allow for about an hour for the confirmation email to be sent through - it may not be received immediately thanks to the internet goblins. If a confirmation doesn’t arrive within an hour of placing your order, please email

Why do I need to provide proof of identity when collecting my order?

This helps to prevent any possible mixups or cases of mistaken identity--it would be horrible to get a cake that says "Happy Birthday Stan" when your recipient's name is Brenda! :)

Why do some cake ranges need to be pre-ordered?

Some cakes are time-intensive to make--such as our Giant Cupcake--who knew a Giant cupcake sits in an oven 6 times longer than a normal cupcake?  Those sneaky Giants...

Why can’t I choose my specific delivery time?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee specific delivery times due to the madness of London traffic--but rest assured your cake will arrive on the day! If you have a super emergency and can only receive the cake at a certain time, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate--however we cannot guarantee times. 

What is a baker's dozen? 

A baker's dozen is the number 13! Why 13?  Wikipedia's got 2 explanations--one of which involves the possibility of losing your arm. Best to stick with 13. :)

Who took the amazing pictures of your cakes?  

The majority of photos are Laura McCluskey Photography.  All other photos are credited by their author.